What is the future of the banknote?
This project is our solution to the problem of people feeling unsure about using cash for two reasons: losing the banknotes and not gaining monetary benefits from spending.

14 week team project with Sina Grebrodt sponsored by KBA Nota-Sys. IP was purchased by KBA Nota-Sys.
Our Solution:
Activation and Deactivation
Utilizing NFC technology allows the user to deactivate/activate their banknotes with the tap of their phone. When the banknote is deactivated, it’s value is put into their bank account to earn interest.
Money is transferred to bank account —> can now earn interest and use it flexibly
Do not have to worry about banknote getting lost or stolen —> holds no monetary value
Users will receive activated banknotes from the ATM
Banknote Design:
We made working prototypes of these banknotes using NFC chips and inVision. We programmed the NFC chips using an android phone and encased it between two iridescent sheets and placed between the banknote substrate in the final prototypes.
The System:
How we got to our solution:
We explored many different concepts, here are a few of them!
The final presentation for KBA-NotaSys:
Our final wall consisted of posters explaining the concept, showing the UI, and how the technical backend will work. We showed our prototypes and demonstrated during the presentation.