Flexor Electro Building Operator
What if you could build with LEGOs when there is nothing there?
This project is a concept for a LEGO x Nintendo collaboration. Our goal is to give LEGO Worlds players the best of building with physically and digitally in one game experience through ease of building and the ability to bring their creations to life.

Team project with Lincoln Chen
To understand how to combine the best of all the building methods, we went through the ways that bricks are built – physically and digitally and took pictures and analysed each system’s difficulty and amount actions to complete each of the 4 steps.
Our solution
Armbands that allow users to build digitally with gestures instead of complicated combination button sequences and extra unnecessary steps.
We modeled arm gestures that the band will recognize after the motions that people do while building with their physical lego bricks.
Some of the process: